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  1. No Cancellation within 24 Hours before the commencement of the "Tour".
  2. Online customers can cancel their reserved tour package by logging into ttdc online website.
  3. If booking made by online, refund of money for Cancellation will be as per Rules. The refund amount will be credited to your credit card/debit card account through online.
  4. No refund will be allowed if the tourist misses the coach or cancels the journey after the departure of the coach.
  5. Cancellation charges will be levied as below. Between 24 to 48 Hours =50%, Before 48 Hours=25%.
  6. Only one postponement / preponement is permitted before 24 hours subject to availability of seats and operation of tour.
  7. If one postponement / preponement is availed, no further preponement/postponement or cancellation will be permitted.
  8. 2% transaction charge will be levied for every cancellation.
  9. 18% GST will be deducted on cancllation charges


  1. The discount/concessions are not eligible for the Tirupathi Tour and Rail cum Road Tours.
  2. Tours will be operated subject to availability of minimum 10 tickets.
  3. All discounts and concessions will be extended only after completion of Tour.
  4. The rates are subject to change without Notice