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                      TTDC was incorporated during June 1971 under the Companies Act 1956. The entire share capital of Rs.10.43 Crores has been subscribed by the State Government. TTDC was formed with the objective of promoting tourism in Tamilnadu by providing infrastructure facilities of transport and accommodation. To fulfil this objective, TTDC has expanded its activities into 3 main operations, namely, Hotels, Transport and Fairs. TTDC is at present having 53 hotels across Tamil Nadu. Out of the 53 hotels under the control of TTDC, TTDC is currently operating 22 hotels. All hotels have been upgraded to ensure comfortable stay for the tourists. The Transport division is having a fleet of 13 coaches operating tours ranging from half-day to 14 days covering the southern states. TTDC is having an exhibition in Island Ground, Chennai with 21 acres for conducting exhibitions.


General Tours

Enjoy various general tours conducted by Tamilnadu Tourism department

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Enjoy various train tours arranged by Tamilnadu Tourism department


Enjoy various AMMAN Tours conducted by Tamilnadu Tourism department

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